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ICON FRESHTOP Pvt. Ltd. has been enjoying a smooth ride in a growing market where the demand for refrigerated products is on the rise. Here is an overview of the growth story. For us, excellence is not an achievement but an ongoing process. Perhaps, it is the single-minded focus on quality that has helped us climb heights.
ICON FRESHTOP Pvt. Ltd. Is a quality designer and manufacturer of industrial refrigeration applications.The demand for refrigeration industry is rising in a developing nation like India which will definitely provide growth opportunities for a company like ICON FRESHTOP Pvt. Ltd. which is stepping up the scale in the local as well as the export market.

our services

Chiling Plant
A chilling plant is a mechanical device used to facilitate heat exchange from water to a refrigerant in a closed loop system.
Ripening Chambers
Ripening chamber available with puf panel, civil insulation, refrigeration, humidification, ethylene dosing system, with fully automatic units.
Refegeration Plant
Hi-tech facility of air purging and de-watering of refrigeration system which is very much important for power saving.
Cold Storage
We are engaged in offering superior quality cold storage rooms and cold storage chambers.
Frozen Plant
Turnkey solutions for frozen plant with IQF, Blast freezer, Plate Freezer
Cold Chain Solution
It’s expertise for cold chain solutions for particular products right from the farm level to the end users.